Panic Attack Pack How To

If you’ve ever had a panic attack you know that they are scary. It feels like your world is ending and there is nothing you can do about it.

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I have had many panic attacks over the years. A while back I decided to make a kit to make it easier on myself and those around me.

I call this kit my panic attack pack.

First you need a backpack or bag of some sort to store your items.

panic attack

Here is an affordable option that I found or you can use an extra bag that you have laying around.

I use the five senses to ground myself during an attack.

For sound I have a singing bowl that soothes me.

For taste I just keep some candy in my pack.

My favorite is chocolate but use whatever you like best.

For touch I have some slime.

You can use homemade slime or something like this.

I have some candles to light for smell.

Just use a scent that you like and don’t forget to keep something around to light them.

Lastly I have a coloring book for sight.

Just pick a coloring book you will enjoy. Also don’t forget the colored pencils or crayons.

The final thing I keep in my pack is a few anxiety pills. If you have anxiety medication I would suggest keeping a few in your pack so they’re easy to find.

Thank you for reading. Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas on what you would put in your panic attack pack.

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